The benefits of using a freight forwarder

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The benefits of using a freight forwarder

A freight forwarder is a company that arranges the movement of goods. This can be from one country to another or within the domestic United States. They are a vendor who takes care of all the regulations, processes, and documentation for the shipment of goods. There are many benefits to using a freight forwarder for your cargo.

Do you really need one? Sure, you could figure out how to get your goods from one place to another. But unless you have a good working knowledge of logistics as well as customs regulations and restrictions for the countries you are shipping to, you could be in for a lot of research and money. A freight forwarder provides many benefits for any company – it’s like having a powerful logistics department at your fingertips. 

The 5 services that get you the most benefits from a freight forwarder:

1. Move freight stress-free

A freight forwarder arranges the entire shipping process for you – from storage to shipping, door to door. They take care of planning each step of the journey and all modes of transportation for your goods. Freight forwarders get the overall job done at a much faster pace and relieve you of all the documentation and customs interferences as well. Once you hand your shipment over to a freight forwarder, you can sit back and relax while your shipment travels the globe. One benefit of stress-free shipping? You can pass on the tracking to your customer, giving them the confidence in your product and delivery times.

2. Protecting your cargo

Haven’t thought about insurance or other ways to make your shipment more efficient? A good freight forwarder will have recommendations on protecting your cargo and its modes of transportation. They will know which kind of cargo insurance you will need for your shipment, as well as if there is a certain way your shipment can be packed to cut down on costs and transit times. 

3. No mystery in customs clearance. 

Many freight forwarders are also licensed customs brokers. What does that mean? A customs broker is someone who works with the government agencies of the countries your shipment must travel to. They will ensure shipments meet all legal requirements, organize and submit all necessary documentation, and review packing lists and commercial invoices to verify that taxes and duties have been properly calculated and paid. Customs brokers can help you avoid having your shipment flagged or held, and what is needed to get a shipment that has been held moving again. 

4. You will know your costs. 

By using a freight forwarder for your international shipping needs, you will have an upfront picture of all the costs associated with moving your shipment. From air cargo, ocean freight, and final mile, your freight forwarder will be able to provide a detailed breakdown of everything, including customs and taxes. You will be shipping with no surprises no matter your budget. 

5. Personal communication and real-time updates.  

A freight forwarder will be able to track your package across all modes of transportation. Instead of tracking things down on your own, your freight forwarder will be able to pinpoint where your shipment is in its journey to its end-user. You will have an experienced and knowledgeable logistics team behind you, no matter what you are shipping. 

No matter if you are dropshipping, using a forwarder for your Amazon eCommerce business, or looking for a freight forwarder and customs broker, the best freight forwarder you can work with is one that has access to an extensive network around the world and understands your needs.

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