JJSol, LLC is a U.S. Customs broker, international freight forwarder / NVOCC. With over 100 years experience on staff, we offer an array of services including customs clearance, air freight, ocean freight and eCommerce solutions.


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international transportation

When it comes to international transportation, JJSol has the solutions to keep you moving.

Whether by air, sea, or any combination of modes, we have a global network of carriers and partners in all major trade centers to ensure that your cargo moves smoothly. 

- Air & Ocean Transportation (Direct & Consolidation)
- Door - to - Door Transportation
- Worldwide Warehousing & Distribution
- eCommerce capabilities with our partner eGlobalUSA

Let us keep your international transportation process simple while balancing your desired transit times with your anticipated budget.

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Customs brokerage

JJSol is a licensed customs broker and has the knowledge and experience to make sure your entries are compliant with all government requirements. 

Our brokerage services include: 

- Clearance
- Classification Guidance
- ACE Portal Setup & Reporting
- Landed Cost Analysis
- Vessel Manifest Confidentiality
- Prior Disclosures
- Duty Deferral Programs
- Reconciliation
- Duty & Penalty Mitigation

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cargo insurance

Know the risk, and always insure your cargo.

With all the proper preparations to ensure safe transit, all cargo is exposed to some level of risk. The nature and extent of that risk varies with mode of transport and routing. Furthermore, the level of liability varies based upon agreements with the cargo buyers, sellers and transporters. With so many variables at stake, it's essential to make sure that you have the cargo insurance coverage that protects your product on every shipment. 

Our expertise will help you identify the many risks involved in international cargo transportation, the extent of liability, and solutions available to minimize that risk.

Our solutions include:

- All - Risk Coverage
(through our Marine policy)
- Certificates of Insurance
- Offshore Settlement
- Claims Facilitation and

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domestic services

Moving domestic goods in the United States can be a complex process. JJSol gives you a single point of contact to handle everything from start to finish. 

- Full Truckload (FTL)
- Less than Truckload (LTL)
- Inbound
- Specialized Equipment
- Surface Expedited
- Intermodal
- Warehousing & Distribution
- Supply Chain Management

What's the buzz about?

"Working with JJSol always a pleasure. Their experienced team is unmatched in service and quality. Thank you for making my job easy! 

- Steve D. - Logistics Manager

What's the buzz about?

The members of JJSOL are all very experienced and compassionate about their work. The years of experience in each field; operations, accounting, management, brokerage, allows us to work together in away that always best serves the customer. The ability of each person to trust the others decision to make the right judgement call has benefited the customers many times over.

To work for JJSOL has been a gratifying experience. The ownership has put the employees best interest at heart. Tooled with the necessary means to accomplish their goals. The employees are proud to work and be a part of this organization.

- Rich Parcels, Director of Finance - JJSol

What's the buzz about?

We value our relationship with JJSol! You are seen internally as a partner, not a supplier. It's how it should be. 

- Mohammad, Shipping Director, UAE

James has been in the logistics business for 40+ years. A licensed Customs Broker and Qualified Individual for FMC OTI, he comes from a traditional logistics background with an eye on the future. After being CEO of a family owned logistics company for 18 years, he founded JJSol, LLC in 2013 with a desire to change the way traditional logistics are handled, and expand horizons rather than watching the world change around him.
Seeing the needs in a growing world, James is also partner in eGlobalUSA, an eCommerce solutions company.


James A. Burghart


Rich has spent the last 12 years in Logistics. As current director of finance he oversees both JJSol and its partner company eGlobalUSA. With his background in finance and HR, Rich helps empower employees to assist and serve their customers. He encourages open communication and is passionate about the company’s mission. 


Rich parcels

director of finance

Laura has been  in international logistics for the past 34 years. A licensed United States Customs Broker since 2002, Laura focuses on developing strong relationships in everything she does both professionally and personally. Her customers are like her family and deserve the very best professional service offered with the personal touch that she provides.


laura o'Connor

director of operations



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